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What is Crystal Light Therapy and Why now more then ever is it a good time to try a session?

There is no way to accurately explain how our health has been affected on all levels because of the pandemic we are living through. Re-opening FACETS has indeed been a challenge however I am extremely blessed to be able to offer many treatments that can help enhance the quality of well-being in a way that is uplifting and beneficial for the mind, body & spirit. Here is an in-depth look at just what Crystal Light Therapy is. It is a fantastic opportunity to take a break, relax and let the power of crystal, sight & sound balance your energy centers and give your innate natural healing ability a boost.



Crystal Light Therapy (CLT) is an approach to Whole Health & Wellness by the balancing of the human energy field. Wellness is a body in balance. Out of balance, our bodies experience dis-ease on physical, emotional, spiritual and mental levels.

CLT is a tool for achieving balance. It is part of a multi-sensory, meditative & cleansing experience. This therapy incorporates today’s science that explains the ancient healing methods using crystals, light, color and sound.

The term Chakra describes focused centers of movement within the overall energy body. They are a dynamic aspect of an interactive, inseparable energetic component to all living things; the word means ‘wheel’ in Sanskrit.

Utilizing crystals as an intention tool along with light & sound frequencies, the energy centers are entrained, cleansed and energized affecting the entire organism bringing balance and achieving opportunities for overall wellness.

After a brief consultation to establish the purpose for the session, the crystals are adjusted above the client lying fully clothed on a massage table. With the addition of specific chosen music frequencies and essential oils, this treatment can relax, soothe and nourish the soul of a first time client allowing for opening the door to deeper awareness and healing by the individual's own innate intention and body’s ability for achieving wellbeing. Each session is unique to an individual. Think of it as an energy bath!


All living things generate electromagnetic fields that shift and pulse at different frequencies, similar but different from broadcast radio and TV reception. Western science has been measuring the energy field of the human heart and brain for decades (i.e. EEG & EKG).

Visible light frequency is measured and some are named using colors Sound frequency is measured and some are named by tones and notes. All frequency has the ability to resonate with energy close by.

The human energy field is constantly interacting with our environment and other human energy fields. This field directly impacts our physical, mental & emotional health down to a cellular level. Prolonged exposure to inappropriate frequencies may cause undue stress, discomfort and dis-ease. And likewise, exposure to healthy frequencies can facilitate health.


7 extremely clear, highly polished Vogel cut, quartz crystals are the central tool of this treatment. Crystals literally can hold and store information and organize energy patterns. Thoughts are energy. Precisely cut crystals are known to vibrate at the same frequency as the human body and thoughts. Crystals also resonate with and affect the crystalline structure of water.

Interesting to note that the human body is made of 70% water. Science is leading us to understand our bodies are actually filled with communication liquid crystals. A fascinating study by Dr. Emoto shows findings that they can communicate with the energy field that holds our thoughts.

When intention is joined with the crystal’s vibration, as a tuning fork can cause a close-by fork to vibrate, the crystal can communicate with the cells in our body. They are furthermore interactive, able to respond to outside sources including chakras. Theis interactive component is used to advantage with light therapy and enhances function, helping facilitate wellness on all levels. Each crystal has been cut to a specific frequency and is aligned above the seven chakras, bathed in the corresponding colored light chosen to match the frequency of the chakra. The energy radiates through the informed crystals resonating to match the chakra creating the opportunity to bring the chakra energy into balance.


Whole Health happens when balance is achieved at energetic levels. Out of balance and lowered energy/frequency and dis-ease of all types are manifested when energy is too low and/or too chaotic. Together with enhanced frequencies of light, sound & color this treatment tones energy centers, purifies and brings the physical body into balance, calming the mind and uplifting the spirit. In this state, the body’s innate ability for health and healing can happen.

Besides balancing your energy centers, other possible alternative health benefits reported have been:

~ May help induce deep relaxation/meditation

~ May reduce inflammation