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Opening Safely...So Very Happy To Be Back!

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

ENHANCED SAFETY PROTOCOLS for reopening business at the Red Barn Holistic Center

In addition to strengthening my mindset about Whole Health, learning a whole lot of new things and bringing some very cool new services to you, there are, of course, many things that have to be done differently in the studio in order to comply with the government requirements for re-opening and keep us all safe. From changes within the room to adjusting how I booked my clients, these are the changes I made in order to re-open. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful faces!


Most of these were mandated by our government but many were things I felt would make my clients feel better.

- Did a DEEP clean of the space.

- Now have an ionized air cleaner .

- Wiped down all surfaces with antiseptic between clients.

- Only used tools that can be sterilized in between clients or are single-use.

- I wear a mask, shield, and gloves throughout every service.


To ensure the safety of myself and my clients there are a few key things I ask of my clients.

- No outside food

- Wear a mask as you enter the Red Barn

- Your temperature will be read on arrival.

- Use hand sanitizer provided as they walked in, either mine or their own

- Advise that they must call in sick if they are not feeling well or feel they could have possibly been exposed to the COVID.


One of the big changes to my business has been the fact I have to book enough time between clients to do a proper sanitization. This means I can’t book in as many clients during my working time as I used so booking your next appointment ahead is a good idea. I am able to keep my prices the same for the rest of the year but will need to do a slight increase the beginning of 2022.

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