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Happiest of New Years!

Gosh 2020 was one uniquely challenging year!

I truly wish you all a beautiful & healthy 2022.

I am spending the first week of this new year doing my best to honor my sabbatical ritual of reflection, clearing & goal setting. Looking forward to sharing what I have been working on with you all soon!

A special reminder it’s never too late to begin a new healthy habit. How about a promise to take just 5 minutes every day to stop and breathe in a beautiful scene, a loving thought, a gracious wish… or Sovereign reflection.

Sovereignty is beautiful word to keep in mind when we move ahead in 2022 with new self care goals. My grandmother would always remind me to ”Take care of & honor yourself ~ for you first! Not in a selfish way, in a way that allows for self governess & power that lights your heart.“ That is true beauty from the Inside ~ Out! She was a very wise woman! ♥️

My hearts desire is to help you get exceptionally comfortable in your personal power as the awesome being you are while remaining in integrity and alignment with your divine power. Today’s society has become so paced & competitive that we have forgotten our innate ability to just “ Be”. This new year is a perfect time to take time to remember that you you can, take control of you… and let your FACETS sparkle with health & happiness.

I’ll be open during Self Care Saturday at the Red Barn Holistic Center January 22 from 11-3.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to explore all the Barn has to offer. I will be scheduling mini Paraffin Hand Treatments. Stop by & say hi. 🥰

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