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First of many more posts with good news and new goods!

The Hemp industry is changing rapidly and I am excited to announce I am now working closely with a local CT Hemp Farm to begin our own line of CBD blend teas with more fut

ure products coming very soon in 2021. In the meantime, I would like to introduce you to a new product line, Blue Sun Herbals. They are in Kentucky and I have had the pleasure of meeting Shari Milano the owner. I have chosen this product for many reasons. Shari's passion for holisitic health, her generous spirit, wealth of knowledge and willingness to share are among some of them. Especially exciting is she will allow us to create together, a future brand of our own with her products. I have listed only three of the many products in the shop so far... we are able to offer many more including full spectrum CBD extracts, THC FREE extracts, skincare, body care, pet and men's products. Most contain CBD, some do not.

Here is a little more about the company, in their own words....


Our Mission

The Blue Sun Mission Statement is to provide quality all natural products that promote optimal health and well being to all humans and pets.

Our Products

All of our CBD products are grown and processed in Kentucky under the industrial hemp program licensed by the state of Kentucky. This means it is highly regulated for quality and insures no pesticides, fungicides or herbicides are used. Before the crop can be harvested, it is checked for potency to be certain that it is less than the legal limit. The farms who grow our plants have been screened to eliminate fields that were once contained crops such as corn, soy or tobacco since most commercial crops use large amounts of chemicals. The reason this is important, is because the hemp plant likes to clean up the soil it grows in and removes these impurities thru it’s root system and pushes it out thru the plant. We don’t want our medicine made with that and unfortunately, most companies do not care but we do

All Blue Sun Products are certified to be Kentucky Proud.

Our processing is done on the campus of the University of Kentucky in a fully licensed laboratory by a chemist. There are several methods that can be used to make an extraction from the hemp plant. The method we use is proprietary and utilized principles that has been around for centuries. It is still the best method for gently removing all the Phytonutrients of the plant into a base that can be used in a tincture. Science has shown that a Full Spectrum product has better results as medicine than a product made with an isolate. What this means is that all of the parts of the plant the Terpenes and flavonoids, combine with the full range of cannabinoids to deliver a product as close to what mother nature created as possible.

Isolated CBD has been heavily processed to remove all the other plant components. It is usually powdered and tasteless. A newer technology called CO 2 extraction is commonly used in larger processing facilities. During this procedure, carbon dioxide is forced through the plant material to extract the cannabinoids. It separates out the different parts of the plant so that it can be added back in at the lab thus messing with Mother Nature.

For more information about the products please visit our shop. More products will be added to the website asap. In the meantime, all products are available. Be sure to subscribe to our site to receive notifications of updates. Feel free to email us with your inquiries. Also, please visit our new FACEBOOK product page to stay informed about new products and information.

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