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Personalized Home Spa Facial Kit

You will receive instructions and information in your kit. 

All  ingredients will be packaged fresh….please use within one week of receiving this kit or refrigerate and use withing one month


Your kit will include the following…

1 hair protector

1 facial cleanser sponge

1 mask applicator

7 products...

~ cleanser

 ~ enzyme exfoliant

~ 2 tea bags for eye pads

 ~ massage product

~ mask (may need to be mixed)

~ tea sachet for steam

~ finishing moisturizer


You will need…

Face cloth

Hand towel

Lg towel for steam tent


Step by Step

Before you get started, create a nice environment for yourself to enjoy this “YOU” time and set aside an hours time. Have a space ready for you to rest with during your massage and mask. See below for a 15 minute guided meditiation to listen to during mask. Best to set that up and have it ready before hand. Have a nice large glass of water close by to sip on. Play music, diffuse essential oil, light candles, have the temperature warm or have a cozy blanket.

...whatever makes you comfortable and happy.

Have Fun!


  1. Remove everything from your box

  2. Protect hair with cap

  3. Fill large pan with approx 6 cups water and put on stove with the burner on low.

  4. Bring tea pot to a boil

  5. In a tea cup/coffee mug pour boiling water over both tea bags, allow to steep.

Refrigerate for cool eye pads or leave on counter for warm.



  1. Cleanse face & neck ~ use cleanser with wet fingers in circular motion, add more water if needed, remove with warm wet sponge and pat dry.

  2. Apply enzyme ~ use fingertips to apply thin layer of enzyme over face & neck and let sit for 5- 10 minutes

  3. While waiting for enzyme.. bring water to boil then add sachet and shut off. Remove from stove on to table with hot pad and allow to cool while removing enzyme.

   4. Remove enzyme well with warm face cloth. Do second cleanse         to ensure all is removed.

    5. Lean over steam with lg towel making a tent over your head, 5          minutes is good. A cool splash of water is nice...then lightly                pat dry.

    6. Prepare eye pads. Be sure they are no longer hot. Squeeze out          tea. Put them near wyou can sit back and relax.with your                    mask.

    7. Massage with coconut/lavender oil for 1-2 minutes ~ some                ideas for movements…

~X’s and zig zag on forehead

~8’s around eyes

~Little circles from nose out & up to hairline

~Circles around mouth

~Circles from center of chin out & up to hairline

~Hand over hand upward rolls neck to jaw/chin

* When done, Remove excess with warm wet cloth

* A good time to que up meditation if you will be doing one...See link below


8.FOR MASKS REQUIRING MIXING. Use a plastic spoon to mix mask ingredients into a smooth consistency. Feel free to add a little plain yogurt if your skin is feeling extra dry or sensitive OR a little fresh lemon juice added is nice for sun damaged and/or acne skin. Keep the consistency thick enough to spread.

9. Using your mask applicator, apply a very thin layer to the face & neck. Excess can be used on the decollete or refrigerated for up to 1 week.

10. Relax back, (start meditation if you are doing one from recording), put tea bags on your eyes. Enjoy 10-15 minutes of you time!

11. Remove the mask with warm or cool wet face cloth.

12. Moisturizer over damp skin. Like you have all heard me say, spritzing with a good water (not tap), floral water of some type is best. NO ALCOHOL toners please! The moisturizer I included with your kit can be used around the eyes UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED.. ( but not too close!).


Please feel free to text me anytime if you have any questions!


Links to some nice meditations

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