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Plant-based Wellness is a Movement not a trend.
Lets all learn together

Ancient Wisdom Skincare is a concept born as a result of 25+ years of research and working with clients in the Esthetics and Whole Health Industries. The name Ancient Wisdom Skincare (AW) for our new website was chosen appropriately because we utilize the most current science explaining what the ancients knew and how they applied this to their health & beauty regimes. Along with modern knowledge & techniques, each of the products are created with the intention for the plant & mineral components to work alongside our human physiology to provide literally, the most advanced skincare products on the planet today. All products listed on this site have been chosen carefully to offer tools for your enhanced quality of healthy skin along with well being from the inside out and the outside in….resulting in a healthy glowing skin that truly, holistically, illuminates the mind, body and soul as well.


Our FACETS Skincare services will continue to be offered and options will be expended to include energy balancing and whole health coaching.  FACETS Skincare is ever evolving and is continueing the mission of marrying the best of whole health education & beauty from the inside out and the outside in. You can learn more about the services at the physical location in the Red Barn Durham, CT here.

AW offers holistic skincare services as well as creates and selects products based on decades of research into healthy, beautiful skin for the purpose of providing exceptional formulas and ingredients used in professional Holistic Skincare and home self care. Ancient wisdom skincare products that truly allow a natural ability to glow from within that others will notice.Research continually validates the traditions of ancient and indigenous cultures revealing the wisdom in their preparations and the inherent synergistic effect of even a single whole plant as opposed to isolates used in a modern day approach. Greater efficacy and bio availability is a hallmark of whole plant/food medicine creating whole health as a root factor of healthy skin.

Life force exists in the mineral kingdom as well as the others, and its own subtle energies are the building blocks of plants and animal kingdoms; our fledgling understanding of these elements embraces and includes awareness of and respect for the life force inherent in all Creation. Therefore, many of the products you will find here will include mention of this in descriptions. Education will be included soon in blog posts and podcasts to help share information about these fantastic properties we have been humbly privy to learn about. Much has been learned while working with alchemists whose advanced knowledge and abilities helped us create our signature products as well as those hand picked to be offered on this website.

An example of a new understanding of old applied is the current new studies of the benefits of plant compounds such as cannabinoids, terpenes and phytochemicals of the hemp plant. Along with the knowledge of the ancient uses of other natural substances such as rare ocean minerals and essential oils, our signature formulas are toxic free and enhance the skin’s own innate ability to be healthy.

We hope you enjoy your visit to this website. As we learn & grow we will be sharing education and serving our clients with extraordinary products that truly allow a natural ability to glow from within that others will notice. Please feel free to contact Lisa with any questions. The FACETS Skincare by Lisa Catherine websites and Facebook pages are full of more information about her in person services, classes and workshops in Central Connecticut. She is also available for speaking engagements.

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